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We’re making a television show for preschoolers!

Pete and Penelope is an educational, puppet, television series for preschoolers starring our two favorite siblings with a taste for adventure and a wonderful imagination! These crazy kids spend their days in the ultimate treehouse, complete with rope swings, secret passage ways, trap doors and so much more. To add to the fun, every time they step inside, the treehouse comes alive with a host of unlikely, wonderful characters.

While most educational television shows focus on helping kids with their intellectual quotient (IQ), Pete and Penelope help kids with their emotional quotient (EQ). These adventurous siblings help kids develop great character, like being kind and sharing with each other! Pete and Penelope (the show and the siblings) were created by Adam Bush & Stephen Posey out of a passion to design great characters that entertain and teach kids relational values.

Crowdfunding to build the puppets for Pete and Penelope ran from Sept – Nov 2014 and was successfully funded. The puppets for the show were built by Thistledown Puppets in Roanoke, VA. Short videos are currently being produced in an effort to find distribution. To stay up to date with everything happening in Pete and Penelope’s world, follow us on Facebooktwitter and instagram; or to contact the creators, click here.



    1. Adam Bush

      Hi Delano,

      At the moment, it’s not possible to purchase Pete puppets, but you never know what will happen.

      Thanks for liking Pete. That always makes me feel good. : )

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